Thursday, February 14, 2008


I stole this from Radley over at The Agitator and I thought I'd display it here because I thought it was so funny.


I didn't hotlink the image, I copied it and hosted it via my flickr account. I do sometimes hotlink photos on this blog but it's usually just from traditional news type sources. I try not to steal bandwidth from individuals but I haven't been very vigilant about it.

I don't know if many of the images I put on this site get hotlinked elsewhere with the exception being some of the comics. Most of the time when people reproduce the comics they email me and tell me about it to make sure it's cool. As long as they link back to my site I enjoy it very much.

It is more of a concern when I host actual photos I've taken. I don't want to hear about some Myspace douchebag stealing one of my pictures and using it unattributed as his background. Of course there's nothing I could do about it if someone did. I do want to do some posts about my digital photography experiences so far so it's a growing concern. I'm open to anyone's ideas about the subject.


$mokkee said...

that guy can't be for real.

Dantana said...

As one of your presumably ethical hotlinkers out there, sometimes using your bandwidth offers the artist better copyright protections ... which I presume is why you have no problem with the practice when appropriately linked back?

By graciously ponying up the bandwidth in these situations, the user of said images doesn't actually COPY the image nor take possession of it digitally, so you maintain the ability to turn it off if for some reason you no longer want to see your cartoons on a site that, say, suddenly started promoting white supremacist child animal porn.

actyper said...

I would once in a while change the pics around just to screw with the guy.

Like upload naked dudes and rename them as your existing pics names.

TripJax said...

LOL actyper.