Monday, March 09, 2009

I've Got Wood.

My house has beautiful hardwood floors, except the bedrooms. I've never understood this. I hate carpet. Carpet only does two things well, collect dirt and keep stains. I don't like carpet on my floors and I don't like carpet on the ladies (if ya know what I mean.)

So, after practicing on several of my friends' homes, I took the plunge and removed the carpet from the master bedroom and installed hardwood flooring. I also took the opportunity to replace a couple of pieces of inherited furniture with some brand-new never previously owned pieces, a couple of chest-of-drawers.

new floor and furn

I haven't done two of the doorways yet, including the one into the closet in the picture because I need to get a carpet reducer and the Lowes/Home Depot is a half hour drive from the tiny town I live in.

It was a long hard weekend, first tearing out the old nasty stuff and repairing the damage and then putting in the new floor and moving in the new furniture. But it was so worth it, the room looks beautiful now.

Now when GM goes out of business I'll have a skill to fall back on.


StB said...

Looks pretty good.

jjok said...

Very nice. I don't have the patience to do it myself

Bloody P said...

Don't like carpet on the ladies?

I loves me some 1970's shag, ifyouknowwhatimean.

Human Head said...

"I hate carpet."

This basically makes you a good human being. The reasons and arguments against are legion, one of the worst things to ever be foisted onto society in the building of the "modern" home through the decades.

So, yeah, I've got some feelings where carpet is concerned. Smoking is a cleaner habit than carpet.

ToddCommish said...

One point about carpet that you're forgetting about: it mutes footsteps.

Comes in handy when (a) you forget to take off your dress shoes when you sneak into the house at 4am after a "work function", and (b) your wife has to work earlier than you and clomps around the house in heels at 6am.