Monday, January 25, 2010

Hacked? Try Rush

My WoW account got hacked this weekend. Totally my fault, I installed something I knew was questionable. Apparently they are so backed up with requests from people that got hacked that it will take a week to get my account restored. They should take security more seriously, mostly by making it hard on the people that make hacking accounts profitable. But then they would sell less of their "for profit" solution to security. Go free markets.

People are calling to comfort me with ideas on what to do in the meantime. It's just a video game people, it's not like my whole world revolves around it. Some time off will probably be good for me.

Of course when I can't play WoW, I play poker!

I tried out Rush Poker on Full Tilt. If you don't know what that is and you care, eleventy million bloggers have talked about it already.

I guess it's fun, it certainly makes single tabling a lot more action packed. I never really dug that multi-tabling thing. This is like infinite-tabling.

It's perfect for people who play the "oh shit if I had stayed in with my shit hand I would have won" game. Since you never see anything after you fold you never know what you would have had.

Once in a while I folded in a multi-way hand and wondered how it turned out, but I never got to see because I was "whooshed" away to another table before the final player acted. Kinda frustrating.

You get lots of big hands. Because you get LOTS of hands, the big hands come much faster. I flopped quad queens that paid nothing past the pre-flop raise.

It really makes you consider your starting hands very carefully. Since you are in fold-fold-fold-fold mode until you see something that interests you, there is a tendency to stretch out your requirements to start a hand, especially in position. And since opponents seem more likely to fold it tends to make you a bit more aggressive.

I fear that it will take away from the donkeys at the non-rush tables, since rush is apparently crack for donkeys. But I guess I can always go play at Poker Stars instead.

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