Wednesday, June 09, 2010


With my new job, I keep Twitter up all day. I follow a few interesting people who generally have interesting things to say. It doesn't take any significant time to keep up with but it makes the day just slightly more entertaining, which is nice.

It's especially nice if you have a general question that smart people might be able to answer. It helps if smart people follow you, of course. I needed help with a Linux installation I was trying out and shot the question out on Twitter and got 3 separate and helpful answers within minutes. Very cool.

Of course people post pointless crap on there. Pointlessness is kind of the point. It's paradoxical. People don't post their bathroom habits as much as the media would have you believe. People do post their food a lot, which I enjoy. Who doesn't like to see a good looking lunch? It's always cheesy, saucy, greasy and delicious looking. And bacon. There's always bacon.

One thing I don't like is when people post the music they're listening to. I'm cool if they're listening to music and happen to bust out a lyric or something that inspired them. Inspiration is always good. I just hate it when they say "this morning I listened to xxx band." Mostly because "xxx band" is inevitably something pretentious. Nobody ever says "I listened to the Carpenters and ABBA all morning!" It's always some underground bullshit music that they want you to think they listen to because they think it makes them look cool and original. Listening to other people be creative doesn't make you any more original!

As I write this Twitter appears to be down. It's not exactly the most robust application, it crashes fairly frequently. Hopefully nobody counts on it for anything important.

If you want to follow me it's cool. @DuggleBogey. I don't automatically follow everyone who follows me so don't be offended if I don't. So don't try following me just to bump up your follow numbers. It won't work and you're a moron. Anytime you can count something people get competitive about it. But in this case quality beats quantity every time.

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