Thursday, January 13, 2011


Things are absolutely crazy here lately. As I predicted my two projects are coming to a head at the same time, so before the end of the month I have to commission projects in Kalamazoo Michigan and Conway Arkansas. I'll be spending a week in Michigan for sure, hopefully I can get Arkansas done much quicker because I have remote access and can get some stuff done from here.

I'm definitely not complaining. Being busy is sure better than being unemployed. I'm really getting a good handle on this product and I'm the first one from the group that got hired when I did so I'm getting the bulk of the work while the others catch up. The only reason I'm ahead is I was willing to put myself out there. When they asked for volunteers to go on that first trip everyone else ducked their heads and I said "I'll go." The best way to learn this stuff is to do it, and even though I was almost entirely clueless, I jumped in with both feet. Luckily I didn't sink.

This work gives me a pretty good feeling actually. Before I was in an industry that I didn't especially like, mostly because it always felt like it was headed straight down the toilet. The new job is actually helping places manage their energy better, mostly by monitoring their electricity usage. It's a growth industry, and it's actually green.

Hurray for me. Now back to work. I'm supposed to be working remotely on a server in Arkansas, but I got cut off and the guy who needs to reconnect me had to run an errand. So I thought I'd pop a quick post to let everyone know where I went.


Josie said...

Brains and a good work ethic will get you places!

jjok said...

and I get to work with the EPA on carbon emissions......yay me.

March 31 is going to suuuuuuck