Monday, May 09, 2011


Friday started out as a beautiful day.

My first day of work at the new job was one year ago. The company sponsors a big picnic in the spring with softball and other games, free lunch and the entire day outdoors. My first day last year was picnic day. Friday was picnic day number two for me. A personal milestone. I survived some rough times and have started to flourish, mostly because I am working alone on projects instead of relying on others.

The idea was to meet some fellow cyclists at work at 7:30 am and head out for breakfast. After breakfast we'd ride to the park and arrive as a big group of two-wheeled fury. Only five showed up, so much for the fury.

I watched a softball game, played some bocce ball, ate my free lunch (very sub-par and they ran out of food so some went hungry) and hopped back on the scooter to head for the office. There were some important emails I was expecting.

On the bridge spanning Percy Priest Lake I heard a high pitched noise coming from behind me. At first I thought a police car had pulled very close and turned on his siren, it was so loud and so close. But there was nothing in my mirrors. The sound was almost deafeningly loud, and it was coming from my rear wheel. As soon as I was across the bridge I pulled over and checked things out. The bike would still move, but just barely, and the noise was horrifying.

I called AAA for a tow but it turns out I had forgotten to add the $35 Motorcycle coverage to my account, so I had to pay $125 for the tow. The tow was for 22 miles because two closer motorcycle repair shops had gone out of business. The truck that showed up after three hours was big enough to haul a tractor trailer. It looked pretty silly with my little scooter perched up there. I was tempted to flag down one of the fifty lawn mower trailers that cruised by and offer them $50 to take me to the shop.

Today I am lobster red from sitting in the sun waiting for the tow-truck to show up. I tend to break out in hives when I get sun burned. Today is no exception. I did get the pleasure of watching the rehearsals for Saturday's Air Show at the Smyrna Airport. I got to see some pretty cool stunts as I sat there and wondered if I would die from exposure before the truck showed up. My skin looks pretty gross, unless you are WAY into connect-the-dots.

Now I am waiting for the repair shop to call me with the damage. If it is indeed the variator belt like I am hoping it will probably cost around $200. If it is something else we'll see. Since they appear to be the only local shop that can help me, I suppose I am at their mercy.

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