Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Oldies and Shoes

I prefer the old songs. They were just more from the heart. Like the old Elvis/Carl Perkins song "Blue Suede Shoes."

Now that song had really deep meaning. It tells the story...well, the feelings of a fellow that really loves his shoes. He loves the HELL out of his shoes. He even says "You can burn my house, steal my car, even drink my liquor from an old fruit jar," rather than mess up his shoes. Are those three things really equivalent? Felony arson, grand theft auto, and drinking cocktails from non-approved drinking vessels? You may also knock him to the ground and step on his face. Assault? Check. Slander is also preferable to harming his favorite footwear.


I happen to be wearing Vans today. I like them an awful lot. They are also made out of leather, and that particular variety of cow skin happens to be suede which is dyed blue. I am quite fond of them. You cannot, however, do any of those aforementioned things to me instead of stepping on my Vans. If the choice is between arson, assault, theft, slander and stepping on my shoes, scuff these suckers up. Stomp away.

I have had shoes I really loved before. I once got a pair so comfortable I almost immediately started looking online for a location to buy another pair when those wore out. They were THAT comfy. I couldn't find them, so those shoes became "special." Not worn on days when rain is predicted. Not for motorcycle riding. Those shoes remind me of a story someone told me about a time he went to the dentist and got prescribed some pills. After he took one he immediately counted them. Yeah, he wanted to know how many times he was gonna get THAT feeling. He was gonna savor those pills. He NEEDED to know EXACTLY how many he had, and he needed to know right away. I sorta felt that way about the shoes. As you get older how shoes feel begins being more and more important than how they look.

Yet even those shoes can take a stomping before you burn down my home. Or make off with my Mini. Carl Perkins wrote the song in 1955. That dude must have known a seriously good cobbler.

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debzenka said...

I'll be sure not to accidentally make any of your shoes disappear :)