Wednesday, June 30, 2004

It's not over for Intertops yet...

Well, since I had $11.75 that I won in the freeroll in my Intertops Account after I removed every cent I had in there during the tourney, and the minimum withdrawl amount is $50, I figured I would blow the $11.75 at a tourney. $10+1 seemed to work out nearly perfectly. But I caught some great cards and even got a monster suck out to win the tourney.

I had a huge chip lead and KK. It was Pot Limit, and the player in front of me raised the max (T600). I raised him to T1800, putting him all in. When he beat me into the pot, I knew he held the rockets. It wouldn't hurt me that bad, in fact I would still hold the chip lead, so there was no question it was the right play. A King on the flop made me the overwhelming chip leader, holding T6000 with four players left.

The final hand I raised the max with 68o, and got called. The flop was 678 rainbow. I figured my two pair was good. The small stack either thought his J4o was good or it was pointless to continue, because he raised all in before I could put him in. The 8 on the river was totally unnecessary, but it was nice to win with a boat.

So now I have $50.75 in my empty account at a place I never said I would play again. What do I do now?

As far as my new home, Absolute Poker is looking good. I have a tenative offer for a free $25 account there, and they have a pretty good rake rebate program at I attempted to sign up at Royal Vegas last night so I could enroll in a Frequent Flopper Promotion, but my email wouldn't cooperate so it was impossible.

Instead I played in another freeroll at Intertops. I didn't get cut off on this one, but that's probably because I never gave it the chance. I held JJ and the flop was TT8. All unders, I figured I'd take it all the way. Guy that plays every hand calls twice and then goes to the max with me with his TT. Second time he had quads in the tournament, and we had only played 47 hands at that point. I was glad to be out, limit tourneys take too damn long at Intertops, especially with all the pauses and delays, and idiots playing as slow as they can so they can sneak into 30th place and get $1.88 in prize money. How can a guy have quads twice in 47 hands, get callers all the way to the river and still be below the tournament average? What a crappy player.

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