Thursday, September 16, 2004

How can you call with that? Pathology, that's how.

I got knocked out of a No Limit Multi last night by a player that made three straight awful calls. Actually two of them were awful, one of them was just bad. That was the only one that I won.

I have 4500 in chips, he has 3000. He raises pre-flop to 500, I go all in with AKs. He calls, with J9s. He catches a 9 on the river.

How can you make that call?

Next hand I go all in with my 1500 left an AQ0. He calls with 44 and I win when I spike a Q on the flop.

I guess he thought I was tilting, and he did have me beat, so this wasn't the worst call in the world.

Two hands later I am all in with J10 and a J on the flop. He calls with 84 and a 4 on the board. He rivers an 8 and I am gone.

Again, he might have thought I was on tilt, but I can't give this moron that much credit.

But why do people make these calls? How can someone be THAT fishy?

I think Party Poker fish have a very specific problem. They have a pathological fear of being bluffed. They would rather lose than be bluffed. A re-raise is an absolute INSULT to their MANHOOD. Re-raising them is like making them put on a dress. They will call with NOTHING, just to prove you cannot push them off a pot.

The most important aspect of bluffing is knowing when you've been busted. If you are going to consistently continue the bluff, EVEN WHEN YOU KNOW YOU ARE BEHIND AND THE OPPONENT CANNOT FOLD, you need to switch games. I understand being aggressive is good, and raising to 500 with J9s isn't the worst play in the world. But when someone comes over the top, voluntarily telling you that he has a good hand, maybe even a monster, and you call, you're a fucking dumbass and you need to find another hobby.

If you are afraid of being bluffed, terrified of laying down the best hand, or play because of "pride" and think that someone is insulting you by playing back at you, you can NEVER be a good player until you get over these hangups.


pope rek said...

That's an interesting argument you make about people calling with nothing a.k.a. bottom pair or having them raise and getting re raised and they won't lay it down -I've always believed that some people have too much pride to laydown and do fear their manhood is in jeopardy if they lay down what was their shit holdings to begin with. Definitely agree with you there. The example you showed in your post about the guy calling with J9s and then 44, it's like a pissing contest or something but it's a bad call on both ends IMO for him. I tell you though it's these people who make those horrible calls that end up either winning the tournament on a fluke or going out immediately after you after having acquired a lot of your chips - bullshit I say!

Heafy said...

You can not judge your play just by how much money you win or loose. Sure, the money is nice and all but when it comes down to it poker is just about making the right decisions. These calls will happen, and while in the short term they may profit it is in the long term that counts.
But yeah, I think the money lost is a bitch, but what can you do? Soldier on.

pope rek said...

You're 110% right about not judging play based upon how much money you win or lose (dollar figures mean absolutely nothing at the end of the day). Poker is all about decisions. You can play excellent poker and lose a ton of money. On the flip side, you can can play horrible poker and win a ton of money. At the end of every session it's important to analyze your play and decide for yourself if you think you played well and if you find leaks use them to correct future play. Main goal should always be improving your game, but along the journey you run into a lot of grief and joy, which is what makes poker such a great game.