Monday, September 20, 2004

I should stick to online poker

Well, not really. I played in a home tourney against some coworkers and came up empty in two events. One was a $20 buy in with a save for 3rd and 70-30 split of what's left for first and second. We start at limit and then go no limit when the blinds reach a certain level. I did well in the limit portion, check raising a few times with flushes. The no-limit portion was a disaster when I couldn't get any action when I had a decent hand. I think my reputation hurts me in this home game and nobody wants to play me. I went all in at least 4 times and never got called. Finally I held A9o and called someone's all in with 77. I didn't improve and was out in 4th place, just out of the money.

The second game was $10 buy-in winner-take-all and I was forced all in with Ace high. RZ called with king high and caught a king on the river to take me out in 4th place again.

RZ caught cards like nobody's business. In game one he bluffed all in with 73 against a big pair, kings I think. He gets runner runner 3s to win the hand. RUNNER RUNNER 3s? That's something like an 800-1 shot. He got the save in the first game, and won the second on an equally unlikely hand. He held 57 heads up and the board showed 2356. His opponent went all in and RZ says "I call, because you don't have the four. Sure enough, he made the wrong call and his opponent shows K4. He says "I'm drawing dead, no wait, we will split if I catch a 4." What do you know? A 4 comes on the river and they start splitting up the chips when I nudge him on the elbow and say, "You've got a 7." A two-outer gut shot to win the whole thing. Unreal.

The next day made up for it when I was playing Pot Limit at Royal Vegas. There was a guy whose name was some variation of "hornytoad" that would call any pre-flop raise, not matter how big or how many players. What's even better is he had $150. I bought in for $10 and quickly blew it with KK when 99 caught a set on the flop. I re-bought and instantl won a $28 pot with AA. I doubled again with KK and was sitting around $68. Again I caught a huge hand and knocked a couple of guys out moving over $100. Then I got AA again, on the button in seat #1. Horny was in perfect position at the table, to my right in seat #10. Every person at the table called the big blind and action got to the #10 seat and the timer scrolled....I yelled "No!!!!" as he timed out and his hand was automatically folded. This is like a bad beat to me. You have the perfect hand to push a guy all in, and technical problems keep him from playing. One other player called my max raise and I won around $25. I have no room to complain, being up over $100 in one sesson, but man, I thought that was going to be a big payoff. I hope I see Horny again so I can get the exact spelling of his name to add him to my RV fish finder. They need buddy lists like Party has, my manual fish finder is much more difficult to use.

Three freeroll tourneys last night. I cashed in one, finishing 12th in a Limit $500 freeroll at Intertops. I struggle with multiple tourneys at one time. I definitely need work there.

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