Thursday, January 31, 2008

Death Pool Britney

Several years ago when I worked in Kansas City we used to have a lot of sports pools going on, especially golf for some reason. In that time Tiger Woods was dominating all golf tournaments, to the point that it ruined our golf pools. It seemed like it turned into a lottery drawing. You just paid the guy that drew Tiger's name, you didn't even have to follow the tournament.

Similarly if we picked teams to compete in fantasy golf type games where you pick the players you think will have the best combined scores, it was a must. If you didn't pick Tiger you were going to lose, period. Since the players weren't exclusive, everyone picked Tiger for his team, and canceled each other out.

So we eliminated Tiger Woods from our games completely. If Tiger won, we paid out based on who came in second. We removed his results from our scores completely.

If you're running a Death Pool this year, I think you have to do likewise with Britney Spears.

She dominates the field.

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