Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Five MILLION Dollars

Have you heard about the lawsuit brought by some guys in Texas who were unable to log into Xbox Live over the holidays?

I know I've been pissed off before when I couldn't log into a poker site because of outages, whether it be on the part of the online poker site or because of my internet service being interrupted, but I've never been so frustrated that I felt I should SUE. That really takes balls.

They're basically admitting that their lives are so bereft of any sort of substance that they are affected by the loss of a VIDEO GAME. If they can't play their video game, they've been PERSONALLY DAMAGED enough that they need compensation.

That's a pretty big admission to being a loser, isn't it?

Funniest comment I've read about it so far comes from Tim Buckley.

And five million dollars? Really? What the hell are these kids doing that their time they were supposed to be on playing games is worth five million dollars? Do they get paid $1 per racial/homophobic slur that they toss around during a match? An extra $0.50 if its delivered without their voice cracking?
Good stuff.


pokerguy2200 said...

You need to add comments about this story too

DuggleBogey said...


I never played Postal 2 but I think I played the first one.

I do remember playing Carmageddon then immediately getting in my car afterward and thinking "woah, don't do any sideways skids using the parking break so you can take out some pedestrians and get more time."