Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I'm Gonna Be On The TeeVee

At the plant where I work they have a new procedure to ensure the quality of the paint on your new car. Apparently some personal hygiene products can cause "craters" in the paint if they are exposed at certain times in the painting process.

Every employee has to go through a "crater test" where a painted section of metal is rubbed on your hair, underarms and other assorted locations on your body to make sure you are not using a product that causes problems in the paint process. There is a specific list of banned substances, mostly because they contain silicone or a few other similar materials. Antiperspirants and hair care products seem to be the main offenders.

All of my coworkers have gone through the process. I missed my opportunity because I was busy having a temper tantrum at a completely innocent person over a supplier issue. After my meltdown I rescheduled my test for tomorrow morning, and someone just stuck their head in my office and told me there will be television cameras in there when I take my test.

It was strange the way she told me. She definitely wasn't ASKING me if it would be okay if I was video taped while I took the test, but after she informed there would be a television crew there she seemed to wait for my approval before she removed her head from my doorway. It did make me feel better when she looked at my friend and coworker Jim and said "You too."

I have no idea what channel will broadcast my embarrassing procedure, but if I find out I will be sure to let you know so if any of my readers in the Nashville area (total estimated: 0) can watch me be humiliated on television.

I need a raise. And a vacation.


StB said...

Somehow I picture them lifting the hood of the car in the air and rubbing your face on it.

That part of the factory is gonna reek with no one applying any Speed Stick.

Lifesagrind said...

Or you could just save it and post it up for all of us to enjoy :)

leathej1 said...

Awesome. Rub your armpits on a quarterpanel - there's your 15 minutes.