Tuesday, February 23, 2010

American Justice

Jayson Williams got sentenced to prison today. Justice has been served.

Ex-NBA star Jayson Williams shot a man to death with a shotgun. That's the only fact that's not in question. He has a bullshit excuse about it being an accident, but fortunately for him the only person who could testify against him is dead from a shotgun wound to the chest.

Williams plead guilty, but wanted to spend some time with his daughters in his last few hours before serving his time. His daughters are seven and five. He killed Costas Christofi Feb 14 2002. Happy Valentine's day.

Williams has been a free man for eight long years while the criminal system worked it's magic and generated the "justice" that is fair to everyone. Now he begins serving his 18-month sentence, after having eight years of freedom to start a family. He apparently has been having a pretty good time, if you can judge by the fact that he crashed a car while drunk in January. Maybe in a decade or so the system will put him back in prison for that crime.

American Justice system, is there any problem you cannot solve?

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