Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dominos Pizza Thinks You're Stupid

Have you seen the Dominos Pizza media blitz lately? It's nauseating.

First it was a series of TV commercials that say "We realized our pizza sucks but we changed it." So they're saying that they made shit pizza for 30 or more years but suddenly are experts in determining good pizza? How can that be?

Now they have another series saying they sued Papa John's Pizza for saying their pizza was "better" in their ads. Nevermind the fact that they didn't say "better than Dominos," Dominos took it to court. And they won.

But waitasec... Dominos admitted that their pizza sucks. So they sued Papa Johns for implying something in their commercials that they themselves admitted recently?

Apparently Dominos thinks we're too stupid to remember their commercials from one series to the next. But if you've ever tasted their pizza, you already know they thought you were pretty dumb for buying it in the first place.

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