Friday, March 04, 2011

States Visited


I made this map at and it really struck me as odd. Obviously I've not spent time in the Northwest but how the hell have I not been to Iowa? Maybe I have and I can't remember, but I lived in Kansas City for three years and never went that direction.

I didn't just list states that I've driven through or flown over, I only listed states that I went to a specific destination there. For example I've been to Washington State, the airport I spent two hours in was beautiful. That doesn't count, I didn't go to Washington on purpose. I counted Maine though, because I was in New Hampshire and I said "I want to go to Maine" so I crossed the state line just so I could say I've been to Maine. I really can't think of another reason to go there. Which also explains why I've never been to Iowa.


Josie said...

Damn, you get around!

pokerguy2200 said...

Guess you never wanted to visit the Pres. Hoover Library or "The Field of Dreams"