Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wanna Home TheATER?

I rode my scoot to work yesterday for the first time since last year. It was 41 degrees when I left the house for the 46 mile trek and it was a little too cold for it. The ride would have been a bit more comfortable if I had some better leg protection than my jeans. I couldn't stop shivering for about an hour after I got to work.

The ride home was perfect, temps in the high 50s and sun just barely setting when I got to the supermarket to pick up some pasta. I blame Drizz for mentioning the FSM on twitter yesterday. You can't resist the spaghetti goodness when the master beckons.

As I was packing up my groceries in my scoot's trunk a guy drove by in a big black pickup truck and yelled to this nearby black dude "You want a home theATER?" He really emphasized the "ATER" when he yelled it, about five times. "We got an extra one in the back!." The black dude started walking toward the redneck, past three women who were standing in the lot talking. One of the women yelled to the redneck "I just saw you guys on the news on Channel 2! They said you were running a scam!"

The black dude laughed and turned around to go into the store. The redneck yelled some southern profanity at the woman that I'm not familiar with and drove off, deeper into the supermarket parking lot. I put on my helmet and gloves and got ready to drive away.

The redneck yelled his White Van Scam Details to some other victim who walked over to his truck, unaware of what just happened at the front of the store. The woman yelled in his direction but I guess he was too far to hear. She gave up but I drove that direction and stopped behind the guy and said "This is a scam man, don't fall for it." The redneck looked at me with hatred as I sped off.


SirFWALGMan said...

Lucky you did not get run over in your scoot.

DuggleBogey said...

I remember thinking that right after it happened. This was one of those big ass duelly pickup trucks. I would have been a grease spot.

I even thought about driving to the police station instead of home, in case he tried to follow me, but I kept an eye on the rear view and he didn't.

Josie said...

Brave and good guy.

Anonymous said...

drugs are good