Sunday, March 25, 2012

125 Things

I actually did a "100 Things" post seven years ago. Many of the things I posted in my 25 things are almost exactly the same as in the 100 things. No major contradictions, except maybe about being a picky eater.

I had a pretty funny wtf moment this morning. When I was taking my bath this week the bulb in the recessed lighting above the tub burned out. Of course it went out when I was washing my hair with my eyes closed, so when I opened my eyes it was pitch dark and I was like "What the hell? Did I go blind?"

So I decided to replace the bulb this morning. I needed a step ladder because the ceiling is really high. I have a tall one and a short one but I thought the short one would work. I had to put the ladder inside the tub and stand on the second-top step to be able to reach the fixture. So there I was, wearing nothing but boxer briefs and an Atlanta Braves T-shirt precariously balanced high above a steel covered in porcelain bathtub trying to change a light bulb. If I had fallen I have no idea what the person who eventually discovered my corpse would think. Did this guy do all his home repairs nearly naked?


Josie said...

LOL Pics or it didn't happen! And thanks for the visual.

Carmel said...

I had a similar experience. My first project after we purchased our house was to begin painting. Like most things I do inside my house I was naked, totally.
We have amazing 15' high ceilings. I was on the 12' ladder painting, my foot slipped as I was coming down. Luckily I caught myself.
All that came to my mind was, the 911 call. I would turn into the joke the EMTs tell at the bar. "I walk in she's lying on on the floor naked covered in purple paint, her dog was licking her tit!"