Monday, July 05, 2004

Intertops Hangs in there...

Another Freeroll, 3rd place this time paid $60 and suddenly my account is $238 at a place I said I would never play again.

The freerolls there are actually pretty good. I'd be crazy to quit there. There are only about 300 people that play them, maximum. The ones with rake requirements rarely get over 100, and the prizes are usually 500 or more.

I have won both limit and no limit freerolls there, and the 3rd place was a limit. I'm not sure how they decide to make it a limit tourney or not. The limit one this week was the same time as the no limit one last week.

And the competition is really REALLY not good. You see so much bad play, it is silly. The guy who knocked me out third finished DEAD LAST in the next one. Maybe it was a suck out, but I seriously doubt it the way this guy played.

I had probably the worst beat ever in the late one. KK pre flop, so big raise. One caller. Flop is K33, so I bet the rest of my small stack. Caller calls with AJ, I'm waiting to collect. Turn 3 and River 3 makes my king kicker lose to the Ace. Yowtch. THAT'S poker.

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