Tuesday, July 20, 2004


I'm already neglecting this blog, and I have no excuse...well, except that I was off of work last week and I really only find time to address this during slow times at work.
I hosted my first home game on Friday. We played no-limit hold em $20 buy in with 7 people. I finished 5th, when 1st thru 3rd paid. Not a stellar showing, but I did win the second game. I got cards even a monkey could have won with. The buy in was $10 but instead of winner take all like we usually play, we paid 1st thru 3rd again. We had 10 as 3 people showed up late, so I took $60 for first. The most satisfying hand was when I had JQ and the flop had a 10 and an 8. When a 9 fell on the turn I felt confident. When the player immediately in front of me (RZ) went all in, I had to smile. He had 8s and 9s, and my nut straight took him out. I started with Queens full of 10's to take out two people, and had another hand that beat someone who had one bounty already. So I was chipped about 6 times the other players after one trip around the table. I don't think I even had the big blind yet.
So in game three, when I got AA in the first hand, I was ready for a repeat. WRONG! Cracked by my boss' boss with his Q8 (yes he called a 10x BB raise with Q8) when he hit both on the flop. He went all in, I called and my night was over. I dealt for the rest of the night, and these folks are such careful players it took 3 hours to get over with. When I had the lead it took less than 30 minutes.
At the same time I was playing in an online tourney at Royal Vegas, representing Poker Source Online. It was round two of the Poker Forum Challenge. I finished BARELY out of the money in the first round, finishing 32nd out of 500, money started at 30. I got in the game 40 minutes late, already blinded down to 1200 out of 1500. I built that up to 6000 in about 15 minutes, but had to return to the game. When I knocked RZ and his two pair out, I asked him to play the online tourney for me. He built it up (it was  blinded back down under 2000) up to 8000 very quickly, with only 40 left, so I figured he would cruise into the money. But he called an all-in with AK. He caught a King on the flop to take the lead against all-in's QQ, but a Queen on the turn knocked him out 37th.
I'm fairly confident that I am the best player on the PSO forum, but my 32nd and 37th don't really demonstrate that fact.

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