Friday, December 03, 2004

Funny little weirdness.

First I want to pimp another blog, from my buddy Lifesagrind at . I will be meeting him on the PSO cruise tomorrow afternoon. Check his blog if you want to find out whether he is as excited as I am.

Last night I was packing clothes and generally getting ready to go, since I knew I would be busy tonight playing in the final night of the PSO poker league. (Currently in 10th place.) I heard chips flying around. At first I thought Mrs. Bogey was in there playing poker, which would be odd since she has never played online poker and I believe she is completely terrified of the idea. Then I remembered that I had signed up for a freeroll at the previous day and had left the software running earlier that day. I looked at the clock and it was 50 minutes past the hour. "Perfect," I thought to myself. "You can come in when the blinds have gotten to a decent level and really start playing." WRONGO! It had been running for An HOUR and 50 minutes. I was at a table where every player had more than 9000 chips and I had .....45. Yes, that's forty-five chips. Oh well, it's a freeroll. Doubled up UTG. Quadrupled up on the BB. Doubled up again. Quadrupled up when I caught a Flush when I called all in pre-flop with K8d.

Holy crap! I have the tournament average! Sweet, I'm almost in the money!

Well, I finished 18th when my Aces got cracked by a pair of 8s who caught a set on the river. But I made the money, since the tourney paid through 30 places. I bet I made more money per hour than the winner did.

Funny, funny stuff.

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