Thursday, December 02, 2004

Poker Cruise

I leave Saturday morning for the Poker Cruise I won from Poker Source Online . I got the details in the mail yesterday, and it looks like a pretty sweet deal. My flight arrives in San Diego at 1:00pm and Mrs Bogey and I will take a cab to the dock. The ship cruises at 5:00pm and the card room opens Sunday morning.

There will be three tournaments, on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. The first is a limit tournament with $150 buy-in. I may buy into this one, as I have had particular success playing limit tourneys lately. The only trick I know is extreme patience, and I plan on having a very relaxing trip, so patience should be aplenty. The next one is No Limit, and Poker Source Online is paying the entry fee for this one, another $150. If I cash in either one of these two, I will buy into the $230 main event, another NL tourney.

Otherwise the card rooms are open from 9:00am to 3:00am whenever we are not in port. There are three ports of call, and I will spend that time with Mrs. Bogey. I have warned her there will be lots of poker on this trip, and she is prepared for a week of relaxing and saloning.

I will be bringing a $2000 bankroll, so we will see how I do at the tables. They claim they will spread whatever games are requested, and there should be a couple of hundred card players on board, if you believe their advertising. I expect plenty of low limit and no limit tables. There is also a poker seminar scheduled, I expect I will attend that. Anyone who reads the forums at PSO knows I love to talk about poker theory.

The ship returns on Saturday morning. I expect to be exhausted and rich. Then only ten more days of work and I am off to Jacksonville for Christmas with Mrs. Bogey's family.

There is an internet cafe on the ship, so depending on availability and pricing, look for some posts from the ship!

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