Tuesday, December 21, 2004

New Personal Record

I haven't posted for a while again, because I've been out of town so much. One week on the Poker Cruise, a long weekend in Kansas City and I leave Thursday for Jacksonville Fla. for the rest of the year. I will be able to post from there, but I probably won't be playing any poker so I don't know what I will write about. I heard they have poker at the racetrack (greyhound) so I might check that out sometime and blog about it.

The weekend in Kansas City was fun. Not profitable but still a blast. I won at nearly every game I played in the casino EXCEPT for poker, the game I usually win at to finance all my other games. I won money at Craps, Let it Ride, Video Poker, Roulette, something new called "Texas Shootout" and Pai Gow Poker. I think I dropped $5 into a quarter slot machine while King Lucky was in the restroom. I didn't win at that, and what's worse it took me so long to get my money in there that just as I pressed the button for the first spin, KL was already finished in the restroom.

The new personal record was hours spent gambling. I left OKC at noon on Saturday, arrived at King Lucky's house at 5:00 and we started playing poker around 6:00 PM. We played until midnight, and I got my ass kicked. I think Omaha did the most damage, but I did win a pretty big pot in Screw Your Neighbor and made a late comeback to preserve my dignity. Straight from that game to the Casino, and straight to the poker room. I sat at a completely silly table where guys were raising blind hands and hitting unreal hands. Like raising blind on every street and flipping your cards to find a straight flush. That kind of silly. After that moron hit that, he raised almost every time the action came to him, no matter what he had. He acted right after me, so it was very frustrating. After the fourth time he limp-reraised, I said "Fuck it" and stood up and left. I took a little bit of pleasure in leaving on my big blind, so it screwed up the blinds something fierce. I moved to the table that King Lucky was playing at, and I immediately busted out for the rest of my buy in. I re-bought and immediately won my first buy-in back. Even got quad nines. Checking after flopping three 9s was absolutely the right play. We left the poker room and I felt tremendously lucky to be even.

From there I caught up with KL and we went to Craps and all the other games. I took a pretty healthy profit back to the poker room, where I gave it all back and then some. I gave up after raising with AK and hitting a king, but getting beat by two pair 5s and 7s, by a guy that acted AFTER me. If a raise can't get 57 out at this table, then it is pointless to raise unless you are holding the nuts. KL and I ate a nice comped breakfast around 9:00 AM and we went back to the casino tables. We played a good long time at Crapless Craps and video poker. Eventually we went to the Steakhouse for a good comped dinner of Prime Rib. After a bit more action we left and got back to KLs house around 11:00 PM. I crashed and headed back to OKC the next morning after doing some shopping in an Outlet Mall in Olathe Kansas for Xmas presents.

Twenty-Eight straight hours of gambling is a new best for me. I haven't even played that long in a row when I went to Vegas. I came out -$150 but had a fun time.

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