Friday, May 25, 2007

I Don't Exist

I arrived at work today and found out that I no longer exist. I tried to logon to my company's Intranet and it wouldn't let me on. No problem, passwords expire, no big deal. I tried to reset my password, it wouldn't work. I tried to reset it with the "answer a hundred questions only you would know" method and it gave me the bad news: "Your Account Does Not Exist." I called the help desk and they confirmed, someone in HR had deleted my account. Why? No reason listed, just says HR delete. Call your boss to find out why

Total Nightmare.

I called my boss and asked him if there was something he needed to tell me. He said "No, but I got a weird phone call about you today." A weird phone call? This is never good. "Your Excellence Team (not the real name but equally as ludicrous) called and asked me if you still work here."

Obviously they attempted to send me an email asking for help with a topic, and their email bounced back.

Unluckily, nearly everyone that could help me decided to take the day off, making the three-day weekend into a four-day bonanza. As of now, I still don't exist according to my company. If this prevents me from getting a paycheck, there will be an opening in my company's HR department. Literally.

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