Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Stop Doing That...

I love reading blogs. I truly do. I don't think a work day would be complete for me if I didn't check out a few blogs. Most of them are exceptional, and all of them have value.

But I'm such an English nit that seeing some of the same mistakes in grammar/spelling/logic drives me so nuts I can't grasp your point because your syntax is so egregious. It makes me wonder if English is your first language.

I'm by no means a great writer, I make my share of mistakes and typos. But I try to improve, and when I see people make the same mistakes over and over, it distracts from the story they are trying to convey. For many of you English is the only language you know, at least make an attempt to learn all of it. Consider it a sign of respect to your readers.

Here's a few spelling/grammatical/logical errors I see so often they need to be addressed.

The opposite of "Winner" is NOT "Looser" when you lose a hand, you don't "loose" it, do you? Why the fuck do people want to put that extra "o" in there?

Apostrophes NEVER EVER NEVER EVER NEVER make things plural. EVER! They make things possessive, or contractions. THAT'S ALL!

There's no such phrase as "Would of" or "must of." They are contractions of the phrase "Would have" or "must have" and are spelled "Would've" and "must've." Yes, it sounds like "Would of" but it's not. Please stop writing it.

Triple has only one "p." Double has only one "b," and it has an "ou." "Alot" is not a word.

I'm not gonna talk about "your" and "you're" because "you are" obviously never going to get it.

If a person "cold calls" he has NOTHING. If he calls with some kind of hand that he thinks is good, it's not a "cold call." Stop saying "The guy cold called my flop bet. Turns out he had a set of Aces." The only thing that was cold was your read.

When you're running bad at one site, stop blaming the site. "PokerStars wasn't letting me win, so I switched to Full Tilt." It demonstrates a deep lack of understanding in the theory of random trials. I see perfectly reasonable people say things like this all the time. All their credibility as a poker player goes right out the window.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Anonymous said...

And it´s either ´born to lose´ or ´born too loose´. Don´t mix it up, although they both amount to the same end result.

StB said...

Using "looser" instead of "loser" drives me nuts. The worst was seeing the WSJ publish a story using "looser" instead of "loser".

leathej1 said...

I would of called you a dubble looser couse your compalaining alot.

WindBreak247 said...

I'm surprised at how often people misspell "than". I see "x was better then y" WAY too much.

Thanks for the "cold call" tip. I don't think I've ever used the phrase, but I had no idea it meant calling with nothing.

As for the different sites thing, give 'em a break. Some of us are quite superstitious and a change like that makes us feel like we're getting a clean start.