Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Loonies Are Listening To Me!

Nice story about your tax money being wasted by morons.

Mysterious coins filled with nano-technology!

Instead, the ominous-looking coin gave rise to an even stranger spy tale in this country – with the U.S. Defense Security Service warning that mysterious coins with radio transmitters appeared to have been planted on American army contractors as they travelled through Canada during 2005 and 2006.

Turns out the American officials were befuddled by protective coatings on the coin, which had been put in place to try to keep the red colour from smudging, something that marred the early 2004 printings of the coin, leaving on some a red blotch on the face of the Queen on the reverse side.

One contractor marvelled that the coin didn't seem to have a power source, but was filled with some sort of "nano-technology."

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actyper said...

Our Canadian government is trying to duplicate your world class WMD locating system. Since our poppy quarters were discovered we have to try something new. Maybe hockey pucks that glow bright blue and leave red streaks.