Friday, April 18, 2008

When Bad Things Happen to Bad People

Was that harsh? Absolutely. Too harsh? I don't know about that...

Let's look at it.

I don't know Brandi Hawbaker, I just know some of the things that she's done. I've even heard her side of the story. From what I can tell, this person was despicable.

A lot of people are saying they feel sorry for her. They feel more sorry for her now that she's dead, which is curious. When she was alive, they sure as hell stayed clear of her. With very good reason. Destruction followed wherever she went. Eventually those that got involved with her knew the risks involved, and still ended up regretting their decisions. And this is not a surprise to anyone.

She killed herself. Took her own life. She was obviously troubled. Mentally ill? Maybe. But what if she wasn't? What if she was really just deep down a bad person? They're out there you know. People who take advantage of every opportunity, morals be damned. Maybe she was one of them?

Maybe she wasn't. Maybe she did a ton of good things and made lots and lots of people around her happy. Maybe she brought joy to millions of people's lives. But I seriously doubt it.

What if she was still around? You know and I know that she'd just move on fucking someone else over. That person just got lucky. And I'm probably being too generous. Many people are probably very fortunate that this happened.

Some of you must be imagining that Brandi could have reformed herself. She could have turned her life around and started being a really good person. Nothing but good deeds from that point onward. If that were possible, then yes, Brandi's suicide was tragic and sad.

But it's NOT so it ISN'T.

Those of you claiming to be saddened over this need to consider the fact that even if Brandi isn't, it's very possible that everyone surrounded by her is much MUCH better off now.


StB said...

Hmm...for someone whose mark on the world was having someone's penis on their back, I would have to say it isn't harsh. Your rationale is spot on.

Human Head said...

Indeed, sir, indeed.