Thursday, April 17, 2008


Nobody posts on Thursdays. There's something strange about it. People post their weekend plans on Fridays, their weekend results on Mondays up through Tuesdays. Wednesdays hold enough residual energy that people post. Thursdays are just bleh. Maybe there's a rush in American Idol or Worlds Best Retarded Celebrity Ice Skater contest that people blog about like crazy that I miss out on because I don't read that shit.

I never will understand why people blog about something I can watch for myself. If I cared, I'D FUCKING WATCH IT, I WOULDN'T READ ABOUT IT ON YOUR BLOG. I'm sure a bunch of political bloggers who want you to vote for their guy blogged about the debate last night. IF I CARED I WOULD HAVE WATCHED. Shut up already. A post about something actually going on in your life is worth a thousand posts about what happened on Americas Gayest Talent Show.

If you're going to post about something on TV, post about something that nobody is watching. Don't post about something that is already the most popular thing on earth. You might as well be posting Hannah Montanna recaps, okay?

I got a very kind invitation from the RakeBrain folks to the LeCheese Challenge poker tournament happening tonight, but I have been working pretty late these days and the thing starts at 5pm my time. Ordinarily I'd think that was cool and I'd jump on it, but launching a new product has really lengthened my hours at work. Something has to make up for all those six hour days last year. Anyway it was nice of them to invite me and if you are interested in Rakeback and you don't want to do PSO check out the cool folks at

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