Thursday, April 10, 2008

Questionable Chat

Congrats to Waffles on his Mookie win last night after a protracted and interesting heads-up battle vs. pvanharibo.

I haven't railbirded for a long time, but Sunday I was tooling around some blogs and saw that Surflexus was playing the Sunday Millions on PokerStars so I thought I'd check in. Surf is a good tournament player and a great guy so I enjoyed watching his progress and chatting with him in IM.

Based on that I thought I might check out the Mookie, my favorite of all the BBT3 events. I was pleased that Iakarus was playing and enjoyed chatting with him and Julius Goat. The chat is always furious at Waffles' table so I kept an eye on that one too.

When heads up finally arrived after the shocking departures of hoyazo and Fuel55, someone said this in chat:

xxxxxx (Observer): go waffle! lol Pvan will shove sucko-style any 2 cards remember... lol
Does anyone find this as distasteful as I do? Or is this a joke so obviously inconsequential that I am just not familiar enough with the player to understand?


SirFWALGMan said...

I thought LJ played a good game and I did not see much of the HU comments.. but they were flying like crazy.

HighOnPoker said...

If there is a problem with the statement, it is that the player is coaching Woffles. That said, if I were LJ and saw that, I would compensate in the other direction and hopefully take advantage of that very public table image.

It is definitely rude, but there are ways to use things like this to your advantage.

Wwonka said...

this is why I like the No chat during allins. Pushing allin to have some railbird tell the others to call.

Too bad people seem to think this is ok to do.

Rude behavior and Bad Etiquette Runs Rampant online too bad it has invaded our Blogger tourneys.