Thursday, April 24, 2008


paranoiaThere's a certain amount of healthy paranoia among poker players. Looking over your shoulder before you peek at your hole cards, checking out the casino parking lot before you scurry to your car with your precious bankroll, securing your tinfoil hat before you log on to your favorite online site...we're all a little bit nervous.

With all the bloggers having troubles when their invisible internet activities suddenly affected their real lives, it just adds another level to be paranoid about.

When I started this blog I wasn't really careful about protecting my real name. My online name is based on my real name, and anyone with very simple deductive skills can figure out the rest. (Just made the rest of you feel stupid, didn't I?)

There are a few non-invisible internet people who read this blog, and I have a message for those people:

DuggleBogey is not a real person. He doesn't actually exist in the real world. He's just a character I play on the internet. None of the stuff he says is any real person's opinion, and nothing he claims happened to him actually happened. It's all a fictionalization based on a reality that's not all that real to begin with, being that most of it has occurred on the internet, which is really all just a figment of Al Gore's imagination.

Got it?

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donkeypuncher said...

Very nice. I (and by "I," "I" mean the person "I" play on the Internet) might need to borrow your last paragraph.