Thursday, October 28, 2004

Bonus Whoring is Good

I started another bonus whore event on Monday while Mrs. Bogey was at work. I bought into Pacific Poker using as a referral affiliate.

Pretty sweet deal, actually. Too good to pass up. I had originally heard that Pacific software sucked ass, and that you had to see a flop for a raked hand to count. Well, they were half right. The software does suck, but according to the membership at PSO, you don't even have to put money in the pot for a raked hand to count for you. I've been looking for someplace that evaluates raked hands like Party Poker, and Pacific is it.

I deposited $100 from Neteller and was immediately credited with $25. I would have to wager $500 to withdraw the $25, but could play with it immediately. Far superior to the Party System of releasing bonuses only after the hands are played. After my first positive session with 130 raked hands, yet another $25, this time from PSO, was deposited into my account. So I was up $50 without even winning a hand. I played my way up to 203 raked hands on Tuesday and finished the 250 hands required by PSO on Wednesday. My account rests at 265, so I won $115 in three days and got $50, plus $60 worth of bonuses from Pokersource online. That's a $225 profit in three days, totalling about 4 hours of play time.

I mostly played $1/$2 Hold Em, as nearly every hand was raked. I can only remember two hands that didn't make the rake. I also played some $.50/$1.00 Omaha Hi/Lo because I like the game and with 7-9 people seeing every flop, the rake was about as consistent as $1/$2 Hold Em. You cold go to one of these Omaha tables and fold every hand for 300 or so hands and be guaranteed to make money on this promotion. You would probably lose $30 or so in blinds, but since you get $50 in cash and $60 in GCs, you would still be ahead $80, even if you don't know the first thing about poker.

The extra $25 from PSO at Pacific Poker ends on Sunday night, so if you want to try it, hurry up. Use DuggleBogey as your referral at PokerSource and you will get half the referral cash in your Paypal Account as soon as I get it in mine. That's another $5-$10.

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