Friday, October 22, 2004

Suckouts Galore

Well, I noticed a lot of people who commented on Iggy's site ( that they enjoyed the Blogger Tournament because the quality of play was so much higher and you don't have to put up with people going all in with crappy hands. I only have one thing to say to that...

What the fuck?

It started when I, in the chip lead at the time, called an all in with 88, and the all in player held....72....the HAMMER! Of course it won when he hit the 2 on the flop and the 7 on the river.

I had gotten the lead when I called a pre-flop raise with TT and spiked a T on the river. The other player goes all in on the turn with his 99, and is drawing dead against my set of tens.

After my foolish attempt to defeat the hammer, I called an all-in pre flop raise with my QQ. Raiser shows TT and catches a T on the flop.

I call another all-in pre flop soon after that with AK, he shows AJ and catches a J on the river.

I played a few hands from the button when the big blind slow played Aces and Kings two rounds in a row. He slow played the aces against 5 (FIVE!) players. Quality poker there.

I expected to play against better players than normal. I mean, even if most of these people (they got 133, which is a TON more than they expected) don't write about poker in blogs, at least they READ blogs and learn something about poker, right?

NOPE. I saw all the same awful plays over and over again that I see playing in all the Aquariums. Maybe they were just screwing around a lot because they were slumming in such a small tournament. There were some quality players there, and I assume they did very well.

Best hand of the night was when I knocked out DoubleAs ( I held A7 in the big blind and DoubleAs was on the button. He attempted a blind steal, raising from 200 to 600. I called quickly and the flop was A74. I checked, and he bet 1000. I put him all in and flipped over my A7, reducing him to 2 outs that never came. The worst possible flop for him, there was no escape from that trap.


F-Train said...

Winning with the second-best hand does not necessarily mean that people were making bad plays. I'd need more information about the stack sizes of these people to evaluate. For example:

On the QQ hand, was the pre-flop all-in from a short stack? TT is a great hand to push if you're short. Same thing with the AJ. Was the player short? If so, a medium ace is a great hand to push. CALLING a push as a short stack with one of those hands is very different than being the one to get your money in first.

The only play I can agree with you is slowplaying aces against four or five other players. That's a recipe for suicide.

The other element is that I think we had a bunch of spillover from people who read Wil Wheaton and just wanted to say they had played with him, so there were probably several players whose poker skill was quite low.

DuggleBogey said...

Yeah, I didn't really mean that those specific plays were bad, I just wanted to whine about getting out drawn a lot. After four straight good calls against all-ins by short stacks don't pay off, you want to feel like whining.

I should have given more examples of poor play, and you're right about the fact that I didn't see poor play from any of the actual bloggers. I should have been more specific about that.