Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Don't Talk Smack

Here's an example why I don't trash talk at Poker.

I've got Q5c on the big blind and I get to see the flop for free early in a Limit tourney (freeroll). The flop is QK5 rainbow. I bet, two callers. Turn is a 10, I bet again, player one calls, player 2 folds. River is a K and I check, getting counterfeited on the river. Player one bets and I call, he shows QJ to out kick me.

Player two complains about folding his King and says to player one "You suck." I defend player one, saying he had second pair and an outside straight draw, so it was a legit call. Player two says something about how bad a play it was and he should have known he was beaten until he got lucky on the river.

Later in the tournament, around bubble time and the limits are 150/300 and I raise UTG with A8 suited. Flop is Ace high with a a Jack. I'm betting and player 2 is the button, calling all the way until he is all in. Turn King and River Queen makes his K10 into an ace high straight, and I say "You suck." He starts complaining back and I say "I'm only using your own criteria to judge you."

He had almost the exact same hand as player one in the first hand, except he had second pair and an INSIDE straight draw, yet called all the way to the river. The stakes were much higher, he had a WORSE draw by half, yet he called all the way with a pair of kings, and should have known I had at least an ace.

I'm sure in his mind he is a better player than player one. Even better than me, since he eventually outlasted me in the tournament. Really he's just a lucky hypocrite.

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