Monday, October 25, 2004

No more comics for a while...

The hard drive of my work computer ate itself. Like a dummy, I only had a copy of the bitmap template on that computer, and not backed up anywhere. Not even emailed to anyone.
So my choices are to use a crappy jpeg and try to make it work, or draw poor ParPo and Fish again in MS Paint, which wasn't easy in the first place. Especially because I have ZERO artistic talent for drawing, and Paint doesn't help much. I even had an idea for a new one today. Now the drawing and my idea are both gone. Hmph.

Poker was lousy this weekend as well. I bought into a Pot Limit tourney at Royal Vegas, just because of the soft spot in my heart for Pot Limit. I do think it hurts the truly bad players more than no limit, when they can out-aggressive their poor play. But I think the limit hurt me more than it helped me.

Of course it was a rebuy tourney, so that added a level of frustration. 150 players with a total of 165 rebuys and add-ons. Pot limit so it takes a lot of raising and re-raising to get all in early, maybe 8 rounds. These two guys at my table do it, and I'm expecting to see Aces vs Kings, or Queens at least. What do I see? A4o vs KQs. Idiots. I "innocently" type into chat "Does anyone know of a poker game going on around here?" to a few chuckles. The loser, who's KQs didn't improve, lost to Two pair, aces and fours replies "Screw You Idiot, KQ is a good hand, he got lucky to catch that second pair." Second pair? He didn't need the FIRST pair to beat your shitty hand. His ACE HIGH beat your sorry ass. "My bad, good hand." Is my reply. He had the guy out chipped by 70 and worked his way back up to 110 before I took him out with a pair of 8s. Then came the routine taunt begging us to come play him in a private cash game so he can prove how great a player he is. Maybe I brought this on myself when I typed "Please Rebuy..Please Rebuy..Please Rebuy.." after he got knocked out. Who knows?

I don't think I ever got above the average but somehow ground my way down to 12 players left when I got AJ on the small blind with about 9K left, third smallest stack. Payout starts at 10. I raise the max to try and steal the 400 blind, but the BB would have none of it. Flop was J89 rainbow. I bet the max again and the BB again called. TPTK wasn't too bad and the turn was a meaningless offsuit 2 that completed the rainbow. I still like my jack so I get the rest of the way in. BB calls and turns over KTs, calling with an outside straight draw. I can't fault him, he had 50K chips to my 9K, so I couldn't hurt him that bad no matter what. He of course caught his King on the river to beat my Jacks. 12th place when I could easily have folded past the bubble and made a 5x profit at least. I should know better than to play AJ in that position, or to attemt a blind steal with the smallest stack at the table. Winning it would have virtually guaranteed me 7th place or better, and the money got much better at that place. So I gambled, and lost. Oh well. At least I didn't rebuy or add on. 165 people can't say that.


Heafy said...

I think these tournaments should have a bonus if you place in the money and don't rebuy. Much respect for anybody who does this~ bad luck on falling just short though.

Heafy said...