Friday, October 29, 2004

Getting out there

I was reading the News Aggregator at Damning the River ( and I came across mentions of either my name or my blog or both at two different blogs. Playing in the blogger tournament has really helped get my name out there a little bit. I guess the guy you bounce out of an important tourney on a freak hand will always remember you, but it was nice to see JD from Cheap Thrills ( mention that he heard how juicy the Intertops Freerolls are from my blog. There was also an anonymous comment I left at Life's a Grind ( which I confessed was me got mentioned.

So if you are writing a blog and want to get readers, I suggest reading other blogs and making comments, especially if they are decent, thought provoking comments. Also participating in any blogger events. The blogger community is fairly tight. A lot of very intelligent, very likable people. And for God's sake, one of them needs to teach me how to link with a label. Putting the URL after the name isn't style, it's ignorance!

In poker news, all the hands I played towards my rakeback program at Royal Vegas turn out to be bogus. Apparenlty RV doesn't have their shit together enough to maintain a rakeback program, so it was cancelled. I fucked it up at first when I didn't fill out a form, but after that RV's reporting just fell apart. I ended up playing there for about three months and got ZERO rakeback. Poker Source Online, generous as ever, offered to give points to anyone who thinks they got screwed in the deal, but I seriously have NO idea how many points I am due. I sincerely doubt RV gave PSO anything for all the points I should have gotten when I screwed up the form thing, even though I signed up at RV properly and the points should have been accruing the whole time. And since I don't know the exact point was when I fixed the form problem, it could be anywhere between 100 and 10,000 points. Since that falls anywhere between $1 and $100, I just told PSO to give any points that I might have gotten to someone who feels like they really got screwed. After all, I didn't play there much because I never got any feedback on the rakeback program, and I did make about $400 while playing the shit-ass players they have on that site. It's almost a shame to do it, but I withdrew all my money and have quit every Prima site now for good. They do have some crappy players dying to give away their money, but so does Pacific and Party and everyone else, apparently. Hopefully Absolute does too, and after that Ultimate Bet. Maybe someday there will be a Prima site that has a decent interface and has their shit together. So far, NONE of them do. The Gaming Club pissed me off. RV did too now, and Aztec Riches wasn't very impressive either. Maybe it's Prima in general. I think the best thing would be for me to stay away from Prima sites altogether.


JD said...

I highly recommend a program called w.bloggar -- provides a Word-like interface for editing and saving Blogger posts (no more "Blogger ate my post"), and doing stuff like linking and making block quotes:

Diboss said...

The easiest way to link to the person's name is to put an anchor tag around it. switch to the 'Edit HTML' view when composing and do it like this.

Around the person's name...say 'Diboss' :-)

<a href="">Diboss</a>

That works pretty well. Figure I'll join in the next blogger tourney, losing my money to them will make them like me right?