Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A difficult offer to refuse

A friend of mine instant messengered me today. He was in Memphis, driving his convertible from the east coast to Vegas. He's coming through Oklahoma City and we're going to have lunch or dinner tomorrow.

In the IM I told him I was thinking about driving to Vegas for the tournament instead of flying so I could have my car out there. Since he is doing it, I thought about doing that too.

He said "Come with me!"

He wanted me to drive with him the rest of the way, then fly back on Sunday.

Man, what an interesting offer. I love to drive, so I know the trip would be fun. But I would have to take Friday off work, which would be difficult, and that is an understatement. But I could stay past Sunday pretty easily, because taking next week off of work would be no problem.

Another huge benefit....I would be there in time to meet a lot of the bloggers....Man, what a temptation.

But my buddy King Lucky already has tickets to go out there on the 22nd, and I don't think I could swing going to Vegas twice in one month, and stay married. I could do one or the other but not both. So I could strand my friend in Vegas alone and blow off the tournament on the 22nd, or I can say no to my other friend and continue as planned.

Very difficult decision, but it looks like Vegas is going to have to wait.

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