Friday, June 10, 2005

Excellent Hammer Droppage

I was playing in the Party Poker $5000 Freeroll that begins every day at 6:20pm and starts registering at 4:20pm (hint hint) yesterday. I've played in this thing every day since Tuesday, although yesterday was the first time I made it more than 4 hands into it. (Short and boring stories, I assure you.)

When I play in this, I usually hang out in PSO chat because there are usually some other players in there and it's fun to talk trash and whatnot about other players. It is a PARTY POKER freeroll after all, where you are likely to see the worst players on earth. KingLucky's strategy in these things is "Give them an opportunity to be stupid" and I can't say that's a bad strategy, since they always seem to take advantage of that opportunity.

Yesterday, however, only one person in PSO chat was actually playing in the PP Freeroll. Another was playing in a different Party tourney and one was playing in a tourney at TGC. So there was still some fun chat going on, but only one other player in the same tourney I was in.

When I got moved from my original table, when there were 1100 players left, I got moved to the same table that the other chatting player was at! What are the odds? (I know, 1 in 110.) Still pretty incredible. The player obviously knew me and read my blog, because he said in chat he was going to tell the whole table that if I raise, I have 72!!

So of course, I did! There were like 7 limpers, and I raised from the 150 blind to 600, and every limper folded. I was fairly incredulous, because I was new to the table and this is a PARTY tournament. I guess this table was pretty rocky after all. (I know what you're thinking, are you SURE this was a PARTY tournament?)

When I showed the 72, the absolute BRICK in the seat between me and the other PSO player was pissed. In the time I watched, this guy limped with AKs, AQs and QQ. This was an extremely tight passive player who hated to call raises. I was on the wrong side to take advantage of this, but my PSO buddy wasn't.

I got knocked out after an hour or so when some donkey called my pot sized be on the turn and hit his gutshot on the river. Ugh. (Told you it was a PARTY tournament.) But I got an hour's worth of poker in without spending any of my non-existant bankroll.

And it's 10:30am on a Friday morning and my boss just came in my cube and ORDERED me to be at a poker tournament at a bar at noon, so I gotta take off. My job RULES!

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Human Head said...

"it's 10:30am on a Friday morning and my boss just came in my cube and ORDERED me to be at a poker tournament at a bar at noon"

I'm shaking my fist at you right now. Lucky bastard.