Monday, June 20, 2005

Vegas Day 1

We arrived in Vegas this afternoon! KingLucky wasn't supposed to come until Wednesday but his trip to Dallas got cancelled so he drove down to OKC and hopped on my plane. It's pretty cool that you can book a flight to Vegas from OKC the day before and still fly for $77.

We started at the Palms but we just messed around there and watched the NBA Playoffs. From there we went to the Orleans and played poker. The deck absolutely assaulted me. I called a raise from the big blind with Q3s and flopped 633. Raised with AK and flopped AA4. I check raised this little old lady out of her last chips when she had AQ.

It all started to go bad when my Aces got cracked by KK who flopped a set. Then I called a raise with Q9s from the small blind and flop JT8. Turn 9, River Q. At least I split when the raiser showed AJs. Called a raise with KQo and flopped two pair, but lost it when an Ace fell on the turn and a Jack came on the river, and T8 took the pot down.

I ended up 22 Big Bets, which is freakish considering the small amount of time we played. The table was pretty tight passive, but even after I told them I never bluff, they still paid me off on big hands, of which there were plenty. It was like telling them was actually a DARE to catch me bluffing. And I never bluffed once. I even laid down the hammer twice.

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