Monday, June 06, 2005

Phil Hellmuth sucks

The $1,500 buy-in Limit Hold'em event #4 with 1049 players finally had play suspended for the day at a little past 3:00 am. Phil Hellmuth, will not be among those returning. He was eliminated in the 42 spot and received $4,200 in prize money.

Big deal, 42nd place, right?

This is the 48th time Phil the Brat has finished in the money in a WSOP event.

Nobody's ever done that. Not even the folks that have been playing since the seventies.

Nobody has more bracelets than Phil. Nobody has won the main event at a younger age than Phil. Nobody has sustained the level of play over time that Phil has.

Phil Hellmuth is the greatest tournament poker player alive. No matter how much people hate him, it's true.


Maudie said...

I sauntered past Phil's table at the event on Friday - was within inches of him for, oh, about a second... 8^)

dlk9s said...

The best part about Hellmuth's finish is that he was actually an alternate (108th, I think).

On Monday, I watched him saunter into the $1,500 O8 tournament almost 3 hours late.

That Phil.