Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Terrell Owens attemps suicide

Poor poor little incredibly talented multi-millionaire who gets tens of thousands of people to cheer for him weekly.

You know they're going to blame the whole thing on a "side effect" of the painkillers. Because he was SUCH a stable guy up to this point.

My favorite part of the story is the quotation marks around the word "supplements." You can almost see the reporter doing finger quotes when he says that.


Douchebagerry by T.O.

While a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, wore a Dallas Cowboys jersey on a flight home after being badly beaten by the Cowboys.

Went on Philadelphia Radio and said "I don't care what the fans think."

While on the Philadelphia Eagles team, going on ESPN and saying that he thought the Eagles would be undefeated if Brett Favre were on the team instead of Donovan McNabb.

Appeared in an interview for Playboy magazine, where he called 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia a homosexual.

Admitted in 2005 that he has never actually read his own "autobiography."

Blamed Donovan McNabb for getting tired and therefore losing Super Bowl XXXIX.

Claimed he wanted a contract higher than Donovan McNabb's.

Got involved in a physical fight with team official and former teammate Hugh Douglas, for which he was suspended and eventually released from the Eagles. He blamed the media.

Ran to the star in the middle of the field in Dallas to celebrate a touchdown. This enraged Dallas fans and bothered his teammates. So he did it again. He was suspended for a week.

In a game where the 49ers blew a lead against the Bears, he accused head coach Steve Mariucci of throwing the game on purpose to protect Chicago head coach Dick Jauron's job.

After the Sharpie incident he said the NFL targeted black players with rules restricting touchdown celebrations.

Before even playing a single game with the Philadelphia Eagles, he criticized the team because he felt that he wasn't getting the ball enough in pre-season games.


jjok said...

Regardless of the person, it's sad to see someone attempt to take his own life.

Hitler and Hussein are the exceptions, not TO.

DuggleBogey said...

I guess I'm a huge asshole, but I totally disagree.

This guy has been given everything on a silver platter for most of his life. He's the biggest troublemaker in the game, and for that he gets a $25 MILLION three-year contract? The more he acts out, the more he gets rewarded for it. The only thing that causes him any trouble is his inability to shut his fucking mouth.

He will get tons of sympathy for this, and he doesn't deserve it.

slb159 said...

"He will get tons of sympathy for this, and he doesn't deserve it."

I agree with ya there Dug. However, I don't think anyone should be bashed for attempting suicide. Whether you're a celebrity or not, they have problems. Perhaps the problems are rooted in your own actions and decisions, but regardless, they need help. Bashing them is not gonna help. Making fun of other people's personal problems, well, not a big fan of that either.

We'll see how this all pans out.

DuggleBogey said...

"Bashing them is not gonna help"

Who wants to help? Fuck him. Young men risk injury health and sometimes their lives for a chance to play in the NFL. Not only does he disrespect this by being "T-O", he appreciates the opportunity so little that he pulls stunts like this?

I'm not trying to help him. I just don't give a shit about him or whether he lives or dies.

jjok said...

Dude, you aren't an asshole let alone a huge one.....haha.

I have to totally disagree too.

If you've read anything about TO, you would see that he's busted his ass to get where he is. He's a workout fiend, a true student of the game, and has proven that he's one of the best WR's in the league. Coming back from a broken leg early against doctor's wishes to play in the SuperBowl, AND FUCKING ROCKING, gets kudos from me.

He didn't act out and get a $25 million contract......he acted out and LOST a $49 million contract. Yes, he gets a little more per year now, but I think any aging vet would rather have a longterm deal.

Also, if you wanna blame anyone, blame Jerry Jones for signing him to that contract......I'd sign it too, even if I was a total asshole like TO.

I love TO the player. I hate TO the individual.......but like I said, it's sad regardless of the person.

I also have my doubts that he gets a lot of sympathy about this. Fans hate him with a passion and I expect this to continue to be the butt of fan posters for the coming season and future.

DuggleBogey said...

The guy is such an ENORMOUS douchebag he claims he was misquoted in his own AUTOBIOGRAPHY.

Part of "busting your ass" is having respect for your team and your teammates. He has repeatedly demonstrated a lack of respect for those very things.

You can hate the individual AND hate the player. He can work out all he wants, but when he ruins your team with his attitude, no amount of working out will make up for it.

Pardon me for not thinking its sad for someone that fucking stupid to do something that's...well...fucking stupid.

slb159 said...

"I'm not trying to help him. I just don't give a shit about him or whether he lives or dies."

Okay...can't really respond to that. So I'll drop the subject.

Anonymous said...

The part of the story that stood out for me was the agent's comment that T.O. had "25 million reasons to be alive." How cynical is that?