Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bad Beat at Full Tilt

Edit: I got ripped off at Full Tilt Poker, and support did nothing to help me. Here's how I discovered it.

I read about the new mixed games at Full Tilt online and was eager to logon when I got home and try them out. I picked out a nice HOSE game, attempted to sit, and I got a message that I didn't have enough in my account, the minimum I must have is $2.50. A very odd message since I had hundreds of dollars in my account.

I clicked the cashier button, and it told me that my account held $.03 and two tournament tokens.

What The Fuck?

Has my account been hacked? There are no account transfers in my history, so either someone gained access to my account and blew my bankroll, or there are some serious accounting errors going on over at Full Tilt Poker.

I sent an email to FTP support asking them what happened to my cash. I'll update when I hear any news. This should be interesting.

Update: I got ripped off, and Full Tilt Poker is doing nothing about the scam. If you play at Full Tilt Poker, do not keep any money there, it is not safe. Deposit when you play, and withdraw when you finish.


Anonymous said...

Well, I've heard great things about FTP support. From personal experience and some of my friends, I would say you have nothing to worry about.

I'm sure it'll be cleared up soon.

Anonymous said...

The only downside to Full Tilt support is that you'll have to do almost all the business by email. They refuse to do even important things like this via the phone. I have no idea why. They are very competent and actually speak english, so I'm sure it'll be resolved properly, but as for promptly...who knows.

As for this life you speak of? I am very confused. What is

DuggleBogey said...

Haha. If this takes too long, I may wish I had a video game and FF12 to occupy my time!

TripJax said...

dude...not good. keep us posted. i currently have $.22 in my FT account and i may not be able to sleep at night knowing it could get hosed.

in all seriousness, do keep us posted...