Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thus Endeth My Relationship with Full Tilt Poker

Excerpted from Full Tilt Poker Support Email:

Upon review of your account, I have determined that your account was
logged in from a foreign IP address at approximately 21:53 ET.
Furthermore, it appears the individual who accessed your account sat at
the real money tables and proceeded to lose $582.45 playing $0.5/$1 No

(Blah Blah Blah, it's probably some virus/spyware on your computer...)

Having said that, please realize that Full Tilt Poker can not be held
responsible for any funds lost under these circumstances. We apologize
that this is the case, and there is nothing more we can about your lost

Not only are they doing nothing about the person who stole my money, they are doing nothing to help me find them. I have no IP address, no ISP, nothing. There are no details about the person who received the chip dumps. They won't give me hand histories to see for myself.

They are completely and totally useless, and their site cannot be trusted.

Since that's about the amount I collected from them in blog ads, I figure it's a wash. I would not feel safe ever depositing money there again. There is no spyware/keylogger on my computer. I have no idea how this happened, so I have no idea if it will happen again.

I will miss the Mookie.


Anonymous said...

That is awful. Very sorry to hear that's what happened.

Have you asked them WHO the guy lost the money to?

i.e. did he dump it all to one or two particular players? If so, that would surely be a hint as to how the cash was being extracted from Full Tilt.

Anonymous said...

That is a bit chilling.... as in it could happen to anyone.

Sorry to hear that, and sorry to see FT's response.

Just a ridiculous thing to happen.

TripJax said...

This just can't stop here. I hope something else comes of this. I don't know what else to think right now. I'm extremely concerned...

mookie99 said...

This doesn't make any sense, I agree with div...they should be able to do some tracking and find out if the money was dumped off to one person(s), etc.

Also being cool ass bloggers, we should have access to other people within FT who can find out and do more.

SirFWALGMan said...

You really should find a higher level support person to resolve this. I am sure Full Tilt does not want this kind of thing to happen.

I have only seen two people have poker accounts robbed. You and one other guy. The other person was robbed by someone who knew his email account (yahoo) was linked to his poker account and he tricked Yahoo into giving him the email password.. then had the poker site email the password to the yahoo account.. Hope you make some headway with this.

Anonymous said...

Have you mentioned trying to trace the chip dump?

$600 at that level is a significant amount to lose at one table and pretty clearly defines a chip dump.

I'd ask for their (chip dumper and dumpee) accounts to be audited.