Monday, December 11, 2006 Site Review

After reading on several blogs about what a profitable poker site is, I thought I'd check it out and do a little site review.

My first impression is that it is pretty much like every other poker site, but just a little bit better. has many of the most popular features that most of the successful poker sites have, but they seem to have improved almost every detail.

Take your deposit bonus. You can get one at just about every site out there,
but only requires a 5x clearance, rather than a 7x or even
10x clearance rates that are more common among the competition. also give all players a brand new deposit bonus every month,
giving you a $100 bonus to work toward each month. Instead of random deposit
bonus promotions that most poker sites have occasionally, you can count on every month.

Like many sites, has bad beat jackpots, but unlike the
others, there is no jackpot drop added to the rake. The money for the
jackpot prize pool isn't taken from the players, it's contributed by the
site. They have back beat jackpots in Stud and Omaha too, not just Holdem. also has a very innovative "Get Paid to Play" system.
Everyone that signs up with is eligible for the Prop Player
incentive promotion. If you are waiting for a game on a full table a message
may pop up offering you a cash incentive to go to a particular table and
start a game. Depending upon how many people there are in the poker room you
could see the prop message several times a day. will pay up
to $30 per hour for any amount of time you play on that table.

If you feel the need for speed, has special "Lightning Games"
listed in the lobby. In Lightning Games the time to act is only 12 seconds
instead of the normal 22 seconds. The games play much faster, but Lightning
Games are only Limit games. also has leagues and promotions that change every month.
There is a casino attached, with specialty games like Holdem Blackjack,
which you have to see for yourself.

If you're looking for a new poker room with innovative promotions that
really have the players in mind, give a try.

The preceding was a paid advertisement.


Poker Junkie said...

I tried the site but it doesn't have USA as a country to register. How did you register?

DuggleBogey said...

Got any Canadian friends?