Thursday, December 21, 2006

Craps Hero Review

The following is a paid review.

It's always easy to find the craps table in a busy casino, it's the one with all the people yelling and celebrating around it. One of the more popular posts I've written on this blog is an instructional article on Craps for some folks heading for Vegas who wanted to know more about the game. It's understandable as the craps table in a casino is obviously one of the more exciting experiences.

There's a good reason for the excitement surrounding craps tables. Gamblers know that craps offers some of the best bets in the casino, and you can turn a small investment into a large windfall if you bet correctly and get some lucky rolls. is a site dedicated to learning to avoid the bad bets on a craps table to maximize your opportunity to win big. There are many crazy and confusing bets in craps, and the site can guide you to some of the ways to avoid giving too much advantage to the house. offers a beginners guide to craps in their How to Play Craps section, along with a Craps Rules and Craps Odds section to give you overall knowledge of the game.

The site also offers information on the various forms of craps out there in Brick-and-Mortar casinos, as well as a list of sites were you can roll the virtual dice online.

If you've ever been interested in that loud crazy dice game in casinos and you've wanted to get in on the action and the fun, give a try.

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