Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hey Bud

Spam email received

Hey Bud, I heard on the boards you are a preety good Poker Player.
well, I can beat you ass in any type of poker and mostly texas holdem any given day.
Come visit me in my favorite poker room, get a decent bonus and the best of all,
If u beat me in the game I will pay for your Trip to VEGAS!!!
Hey Moron Spammer Bud:

Your favorite SPAMTASTIC poker site doesn't allow US players, so could you please spare us from your lame-ass eighth grade taunts that point to a free SPAMsite with an affiliate banner that will probably be taken down in a few minutes?


StB said...

Glad I read your post. My thougts on receiving the same email weren't nearly as funny.

Steelie said...

I got the same email - man, that guy is good! He really beat my ass when I played him HU!