Friday, February 02, 2007

Poker Tables at Cardroom Supply Review

The following post is a paid review of the Poker Tables at Cardroom Supply.

Nobody plays poker on the dining room table anymore. Why make do with a hard surface where it's hard to pick your cards up and you have to be careful that your chips might slide everywhere when you can play on yards of soft spongy felt surrounded by beautiful Oak or Mahogany with comfortable padded rails?

No matter what your budget is, Card Room Supply has Poker Tables that can make your home game a better poker experience. From a wood cylinders finished with metallic brass and chrome Texas Holdem table for $5,500 to an octagonal folding table topper for $79.99, has something for your home game.

I highly recommend the 10 Player folding Holdem folding table top because I have one of these. The padded rails are a luxury you'll really notice after sitting at the table long into the night. At $175 it's a must, especially with the free shipping that comes with any order over $100. It easily fits into the trunk of my car for carrying to those away games.

There are more than 30 tables and table tops available at If you're looking for something to make your games a little more professional, or you're looking for something to make your rec room into a place that would make a casino jealous, can fix you up.

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