Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Trip kind of clarified the point of my last post in his comment. I love movies and hate the Oscars. I love good acting and hate "actors." I have a hatred for the celebrity fervor that surrounds "movie stars." It's just a job, folks. They pretend really well. Therefore, they are treated like Gods who walk on earth. Until they get "too big for their britches." Then they are mercilessly mocked and humiliated.

I was listening to the Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Radio on my drive home yesterday and his guest was NBA Legend Reggie Miller. All Dan wanted to talk about was the Hollywood parties that Miller attended after the Academy Awards show Sunday night. "Who did you see," asked Dan over and over. "C'mon, you can tell us."

THAT'S what I listen to sports radio for. So I can get the skinny on what's going on between Ryan Philippe and Greasy Reese Witherspoon. Whatever you do, DO NOT tell us about spring training baseball, the only reason I begin tuning into sports radio again in the late winter/early spring. Heavens no. Tell me all the happenings in Leonardo DiCaprio's world. Please.


Chipper said...

No wonder I don't watch TV or listen to talk radio much anymore. All you hear about it Britney this or Anna Nicole that or who slurred an ethnic or gender group last night.

God people. Who gives a shit about celeb's anyway?

Now then, did you hear about the prop bet that Gavin made the other day?...

StB said...

I believe Leonardo was taking a global load from Gore.

Glad to be of service.