Monday, February 05, 2007

The World Seems a Little Better

I'm beginning to hear about new payment processors coming online that are eager to server the US Market.

MyWebATM and YouTeller are the first two I'm hearing about. I'm anxious to hear some reviews and learning about the fees.

One thing that was great about Neteller was if you used them properly and had some patience, you could transfer money completely without paying fees. There were fees for people who used insta-cash (if the poker room didn't cover it) or used their ATM card (an ATM with a monthly minimum/fee is ludicrous) but I considered that a stupid tax.

I don't really expect a fee free solution, because I'm sure these companies are looking at all these desperate gamblers and thinking "why give them something for free when they're obviously willing to pay for it?"

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Drizztdj said...

Check on Rini's recent posts... fees = not good

Especially for lower limit players.