Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Spring Holiday Folks

I hope everyone has a nice holiday. I'm very happy to have Friday and Monday off as work has been quite exhaustive lately. The good news is I don't have to be in at 5:30AM anymore so I might be able to play in a few more blogger tournaments, although it doesn't look like anyone is going to catch Miami Donk in the Battle of the Bloggers. At least I can contribute my part of the rake for the final tourney.

I took Mrs. Bogey to the DMV on Friday to renew her driver's license and they were mysteriously closed. I know it's not much of a mystery as to WHY they were closed, but there was no sign in the door and nothing on their web site that said they were going to be closed for Good Friday. She started to get pissed that a government office was closed for a religious holiday and I cut her off saying it's not fair to call the government on celebrating a religious holiday when that holiday is based on a pagan tradition, and they even held onto the rabbits and eggs as signs of fertility. She ended her tantrum and we took the opportunity of being in the "big city" (Columbia, TN. LOL) to buy some Lamb so I could make some Gyros and Tzatziki Sauce.

The weather has been very NOT spring like (in the 20's last night), but the feast was delicious. I hope everyone else has a nice spring holiday.

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