Monday, April 16, 2007

PSO Poker League

I found out about the Poker Source Online Spring Poker League late as I simply wasn't paying very close attention. I attempted to deposit at Absolute Poker so I could participate. It's the first time I've attempted to deposit in a poker site in my non-neteller world. Well, I think I deposited before neteller, but this is the first time since I signed up for neteller.

I was underwhelmed. I tried a credit card and it said I needed to call to verify my credit card transaction. I closed the window without writing down the number I had to call, but fear not, they would be sending me an email with the number. Soon. Eventually. Sooner-or-later. Ok. Never.

So I missed the first league game. I'll try another deposit method, one that is sure fire but takes longer than a credit card deposit is supposed to take.

The PSO league is always a fantastic bargain, as the overlay FAR surpasses the total buy-in. If you're a PSO customer or just a shrewd poker player, check it out.


JL514 said...

If you can non-CC paypal me (no fees) or CC paypal me and and pay the 2% fee or w/e I can player transfer to you on AP. Just throwing that out there

Chris said...

You just have to call in 1 time and then you can deposit with the card any time you want without calling in!